Compliance Statement –

1 - Compliance

We at understand that you might be concerned about your rights in the online space. This shouldn’t apply to just our website, but the internet in its entirety. We would like to ensure you that the platform remains fully compliant with all respective national, regional and international laws and regulations.

We pride ourselves on our transparent, impartial and independent processes, and thus, we believe strongly in retaining the integrity of the material we offer. To help you better understand how we remain compliant, we have broken down the key metrics below. If there is anything that you want further clarity on, please feel free to contact us.

Terms & Conditions

2 - Compliance

First and foremost, each and every promotion that we list on our platform is accurate at the time of publication. Due to the fast-changing nature of the online casino sector, there might be times when a particular offer, or group of offers, in no longer valid. As such, if this is the case, does not in any way intend on misleading our readers.

When we do discuss the specific terms and conditions linked to an offer, UK casino bonuses or welcome packages, we always strive to highlight the most pertinent terms surrounding the promotion. This includes key factors such as wagering requirements, minimum deposits, maximum withdrawals, expiry dates, and game-wagering contributions.

To clarify, we attach the following disclaimer with each of the offers detailed on our website:

‘ New Customer Offer. T&C Apply. 18+ ‘

This ensures that we remain fully compliant with our respective regulatory obligations. Moreover, this also reminds you as the reader that you should always read the terms and conditions of each and every offer that you intend on utilizing, prior to proceeding.


3 - Compliance

We at do not collect email addresses from our readers. All of the content that we publish can be easily accessed via our main platform, 24 hours a day. does not run, or intend to run, any email campaigns, meaning that our readers should not be concerned with compliance surrounding the misuse of email addresses.

We should also note that we do not give individual members preference when new UK casino deals are announced, meaning that we cannot email you in advance when a specific promotion arises.

Advertising Banners

4 - Compliance does user advertising on our platform. The key reason for this is that we do not charge our users for reading the content we produce. To keep our casino reviews and guides accurate, up-to-date and high-level, we utilize advertising banners.

We strive to only place advertisements that are relevant to our business model. Subsequently, the banners listed on our website should be linked to the online casino industry. However, and beyond the control of, this sometimes might not be the case.

Social Media

5 - Compliance does not engage in, or have any relationship with, social media. As such, our readers should not be concerned with this particular area of regulatory compliance.

Push Notifications

6 - Compliance

The website does not offer, or plan to offer, push notifications. Our readers do not need to worry about this specific regulatory obligation.

Other Types of Promotion

7 - Compliance

The does not engage in any promotional activity via any third party websites such as YouTube. The platform does not pay any external entities to advertise our website on our behalf, such as the services offered by Google AdWords.

On the contrary, if you accessed material as per a search engine result, such a listing was organically placed based on your search query.

We should also note that does not apply any SMS or telemarketing strategies within our business model.


8 - Compliance

We at hold no legal or business relationship with any of the online casino platforms that we discuss, recommend or review on our website. We operate in an impartial manner, subsequently ensuring that our readers are accustomed to accurate, non-biased and independent content. As such, we are not paid, nor would we accept, any cash or cash equivalents for the reviews that we produce.

In order to keep the material on our site free for our readers, we do make a small amount of money when you join, and subsequently use, an online casino via one of our affiliate links. This does not in any way influence the reviews that we list on our website.

Responsible Gambling

9 - Compliance

We at take responsible gaming very seriously.

Although we are not officially partnered with leading problem gambling organizations, we fully support their cause. At the very bottom of our website, you will see direct links to major problem gambling organizations based in the UK.

This includes ‘When The Fun Stops Stop’, ‘GamCare’ and ‘GambleAware’. By clicking on the specific link, you will be able to receive the assistance you need.

While the vast majority of our readers here at are able to enjoy gambling-related products and services recreationally, we do understand that some readers are unable to control their gambling. If you feel that your gambling is becoming out of control, then we would suggest you contact one of the aforementioned organizations.

We should also note that we also support responsible gambling efforts with respect to age. All of the material that we publish on our website has been written for those aged 18 or above (non-UK readers should respect gambling laws in respective jurisdiction).