How to Check if a New Casino is Safe


One of the unique advantages a punter has is the overabundance of new casinos online to choose from. The many options available guarantee that a player is bound to easily find the kind of online experience they are looking for. This luxury of choice, however, has a downside.

It can be difficult for you to differentiate legitimate online casinos from the fake ones. A problem that is further compounded by the fact that there are new online casinos being set up every other day. Nevertheless, there are several ways you can determine whether a new casino is safe or not.

Check for the Logos of Regulatory Bodies

The first thing you should do is check whether the logos of the regulatory bodies in the jurisdictions an online casino operates in are present. The logos will provide proof that the casino is licensed which will help you avoid frauds at first glance. European regulatory bodies, especially the UK Gambling Commission, tend to be strict and therefore their logos can be relied upon.

Check for Clear Bonus Terms

A common feature of rogue online casinos that fail to pay winnings is they often change their bonus terms sporadically. Luckily, any casino, old or new, that engages in such practices is bound to be flagged by sites that do round-the-clock monitoring.

If a new casino has complex and incomprehensible bonus terms and policies, you should avoid it at all cost. Moreover, any online casino that is vague or non-committal about its bonus terms should also be evaded.

Check for SSL Encryption

Any online casino worth its salt uses 128-bit (or higher) encryption technology which turns all the financial and personal information you provide into unbreakable code. To tell whether a new casino uses SSL encryption check for ‘https’ in front of the website name on the toolbar. A secures site is automatically labelled ‘Secure’ on the left hand of your browser’s URL box. To find out more about a site’s security, click on that ‘Secure’ tag and reveal all the vital information about your data protection.

Check for Contact Info

Untrustworthy new online casinos are bound to be dodgy when it comes to telling you who the owners of the casino are. Legitimate casinos, on the other hand, will provide you with a slew of contacts you could use. You are bound to be given phone numbers, several email addresses, home addresses as well as detailed information on who the owners are.

The option to live chat will, often, be added to the list. If, however, all you are given is a “contact us” form to fill then you should immediately get suspicious. Given the omission is a red flag, you’re better off moving on.

Check if Well Known Games Suppliers are Listed

Browse through the games library and note the kind of game offerings available as well as the games suppliers that are listed. Games suppliers earn their income from having their games hosted by online suppliers.

It is therefore imperative for them to associate themselves with new casinos sites that display the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. If an online casino lists reputable and trustworthy game suppliers, then that serves as an implicit endorsement.

New online casinos that fail any of the above tests should be immediately ignored given there’s no shortage of options. In case you’re on the lookout for a safe and trustworthy casino, you could begin your evaluation at 777 Casino, Plush Casino or Schmitt’s Casino. Doing so might just save you the trouble of having to encounter the many fraudulent elements on the web given you’ll have gotten what you’re already looking for.