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1 - How We Rate

We at have taken it upon ourselves to provide our readers with the most accurate, impartial and up-to-date reviews of the very best UK casinos. In a nutshell, we believe that the only way we can truly achieve these goals is to go through the end-to-end casino experience ourselves.

By this, we mean that we personally open accounts at all of the UK casinos that we recommend. This process will look at some key factors to ensure that the casino in question meets our stringent criteria.

Here we provide an overview of what it is we at look for in an online gambling website.

The Criteria We Look At

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Security is potentially one of the most important aspects of our casino review process. First and foremost, each and every casino that we recommend is in full receipt of a gaming license from the UK Gambling Gambling Commission.

This ensures that the casino has a regulatory body overseeing the way they operate, and that you are able to gamble in a safe and secure environment.

We also expect the games hosted by the casino to have gone through the required testing house process. This is the process that ensures the game is true and fair, and that each gaming outcome can be verified by an independent auditor.


Bonuses play a major part in our casino review process. Firstly, we’ll look for online casinos that offer the very best online casino bonuses. This will start with the welcome package for those that are yet to open an account. We’ll also look to see what ongoing promotions are available for those that already have an account.

A additional part of the bonus review process is to explore what terms are stated within the offer. This is mainly centered on the stated wagering requirement. If we believe that the wagering requirement is unreasonable, this could be enough for the casino not to make our list.


The team of review experts at will also spend some time exploring the depth of the gaming suite. This will initially look at the different gaming departments available, such as new UK slots, table games, virtual dealers, bingo rooms, sports betting and poker.

Once this has been established, we’ll then look at how extensive the number of games on offer is. Furthermore, we also place a strong emphasis on the different software developers hosted at the casino. We prefer online casinos that use branded software games.

Customer support

Customer support is also an important part of our review process. We initially explore the different types of support channels available. This will preferably include a 24/7 live chat facility, phone support, email support and in some cases, a social media presence for increased transparency.

We at also test how responsive customer support is. We approach the casinos with mock account queries to assess how helpful the customer support agent was, as well as how quickly they resolved our issue.

Deposits and withdrawals

Our review experts will clarify the full list of supported payment methods. We would expect to see popular methods such as a debit/credit card, e-wallets, pay-by-phone casino deposits, and pre-paid cards. We then check whether the casino charges any fees to deposit and/or withdraw funds.

Most importantly, we at test out the withdrawal process. This strives to assess the time-frame between requesting a withdrawal, and receiving the funds in our account.

Mobile accessibility

Appetite in the UK for mobile casino sites is growing at an exponential pace. To meet the needs of our readers, we test out the mobile department of each and every casino site that we review. This will look to see if the casino offers a native app, and if not, how responsive their mobile browser platform is.

Player popularity

Often overlooked, we also research how popular a casino is by analyzing reviews available in the public domain. While we are confident that our reviews are water-tight, we also feel that it is important to assess what other players think, just in case there is something that slipped the net during our review.

Ongoing Review Maintenance

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One of the most important procedures that we at implement is to ensure that all of our casino reviews are up-to-date and accurate. The only way that we can guarantee this for our readers is to perform regular maintenance. In other words, no review is ever set-in-stone.

Upon reassessing our verdict on a particular casino, there is always a chance that they no longer make the cut. If this is the case, we’ll explain why we have downgraded the casino in question.

What We Don’t Do

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We at operate in a completely impartial manner. As such, our independent reviews are never influenced by any of the casinos we list on our site.

Who Writes Our Reviews?

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Our reviews are written by the very experts that actually test out the casinos. Once they have assessed each and every aspect to the casino, they’ll then report their findings in their independent review.


Are all reviews completely impartial?

Each and every casino review that we publish is carried out in an impartial, unbiased and independent manner. Casinos have no input in what we publish.

Can you review my online casino site?

We want to provide our readers with the most comprehensive review platform in the online casino space. If you would like us to impartially review your casino site, please contact us.

I’ve found something incorrect, what should I do?

If you believe something listed within one of our reviews is incorrect, please contact us and we will look into it with immediate effect.

How do you review a casino site?

We believe that the only way to truly present an accurate reflection of the casino is to open an account ourselves, and subsequently, test out each aspect to the platform.

Are old reviews still accurate and relevant?

We strive to ensure that our casino reviews are both accurate and up-to-date. In order to achieve this, we regularly re-review casinos to keep content relevant and fresh.