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1 - Test Houses

We at NewCasinosFinder.co.uk are often asked about the legitimacy of online casinos. Common questions include “How do I know that online casinos are fair?” or “What if the online casino tries to rig a game?”

Fortunately for you, all online casinos operating in the UK must have their games certified by a Test House. These Test Houses ensure that each and every game that hits the UK casino space is verified for its fairness. Even better, the Test Houses themselves must be regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

If you’re curious what Test Houses are, how they work, and they keep UK players safe, then be sure to read our guide.

What Do Test Houses Do?

1 - Test Houses

In a nutshell, Test Houses are licensed third parties that ensure online casino games are 100% fair before they are launched. The underlying technology that supports casino games such as slots, blackjack, and roulette is all based on something called a ‘Random Number Generator’, or simply ‘RNG’.

This technology ensures that each and every gaming outcome – such as a hand of blackjack, is true and fair.

In other words, every outcome is truly random, based on the odds of the game in question. For example, if a slot machine pays a return-to-player (RTP) of 97%, Test Houses ensure that the game does exactly that.

We should note that Test Houses are also responsible for ensuring that casino games are 100% protected from the threats of illegal or improper actions. In other words, highly thorough Test House processes guarantee that games cannot be tampered with – either by the casino, or the players themselves.