The Evolution of Online Slot Games


One incontestable fact about online slot machines is that they are immensely popular. A trip back in time will also confirm that gaming slots have always been the most popular stop for casino goers since their invention over a century ago.

The credit for the invention goes to a San Francisco resident called Charles Fey whose creation has been improved over time to become the online slots we have come to know. Detailing that evolution from the first slot machine to today’s state-of-the-art online slots is the goal of this post.

First Slot Machine

In 1895 Fey’s designed the first slot machine which featured spinning reels that showed pictures of playing cards. Each reel had a picture of a cracked liberty bell whose purpose was to indicate when a player had won. To play the game, one had to pull the lever which would get the reels moving. If the reels stopped with all the liberty bells on display, then it meant one had won the jackpot.

Land Based Slots

Despite being banned in the early 1900s, the popularity of the Liberty Bell slot machine meant it was only a matter of time before other types were introduced. The Operator Bell slot machines, created by the Mills Novelty Company in 1907, were the first ones to hit the market. The new slots were largely similar to their predecessor but featured fruit symbols like plums and cherries.

Further improvements were made in 1964 with the invention of the first electromechanical slot called Money Honey. Up until the 1960s, all slot machines had been operated mechanically. Electronic advancements during the next five decades led to a radical transformation of land-based slot machines. Such transformations included advancements in video and networking, and eventually, the development of the first online slots.

First Online Slots

Widespread internet use began in the 1990s and with it came the rise of online casinos. The initial games included roulette and Blackjack, but it wasn’t long before the first online slots were set in place.

Given slot games are the most popular games in land-based casinos, it was only inevitable that the same phenomenon would repeat itself online. Most of the online traffic ended up on the online slots which had to quickly evolve to accommodate an eager online playing audience.

Progressive Slots

The first progressive slot to be created for the market was Megabucks which was created in 1986. Megabucks was an improvement of the earlier land-based slots that had remained unchanged for decades before electromechanical slots were invented. Casino owners realized that slot machines were taking up too much space and weren’t generating as much income as they would have liked.

What followed was the development of a large progressive network to which all slots were linked. This development allowed them to create larger jackpots with smaller slot machines. The reduced size of the slot machines also meant they could now further optimize the use of the casino’s floor space.

Video Slots with Storylines

The first video slots were developed in the 1970s and their development has continued well into the 2000s. The stiff competition between online casinos has led to vast improvements in the gaming experience for online casino players. Such improvements involve the introduction of special features that are meant to intensify the experience.

Imbuing the slots with rich storylines is one way of capturing the imagination of the player, engrossing them in the story and captivating them. Most video slots feature high-quality intros that rival the ones found in leading animation films.

VR Slots

Virtual Reality slots herald the new exciting frontier for online casinos. The first real money VR slot was released in 2017 following a series of trial runs with free VR applications which had been well received. The response of the public coupled with the current plans for most developers means we will be seeing plenty of ultramodern VR slots in the near future.

The main goal of all the advancements made throughout the evolution of online slot games was to enhance the gaming experience for the player. Given how interactive, enjoyable and advanced VR gaming is, it can be convincingly argued that that goal has been achieved. You could get a taste of the best online slot games on offer by visiting a new online casino like Winks Slots. Any truthful Wink Slots review can confirm this!