The history of bet365

BET365 is an online gambling operator with the headquarters in the United Kingdom, but also licensed in Gibraltar. It offers players a broad spectrum of gambling services, ranging from sports betting and casino games to poker. BET365 employs thousands of people and it serves more than 35 million players worldwide. The are thousands of reviews from sites like & others. The license issued by the government of Gibraltar allows it to cater for an international audience, but they are also licensed in Australia by the Northern Territory government.

The success story started in 2000

BET365 will be turning 20 in 2020 and its history started back in the year 2000, when it was founded by Denise Coates. She came up with the idea of the sports betting platform and the business was up and running in March 2001. The company took almost immediately, but it needed proper funding and it got the money needed through a loan from RBS. BET365 borrowed £15 million and it was able to pay off the debt four years later, in 2005. This is when Peter and Denise Coates decided to sell the betting shop estate started by Peter three decades ago to Coral.

The influx of capital and the solid business model have allowed BET365 to grow even further and over the next decade, the company has set important milestones. They have quickly grown into one of the top bookies, with billions of dollars in revenue and an operating profit counting into hundreds of millions. Each year was better than the one before and the company has remained a family business. Denise Coates and her brother John hold 50.1% of the shares, which makes them the majority shareholders. Meanwhile, Peter Coates is the chairman and together, they have propelled the company to new highs.

BET365 achievements over the years

The numbers speak for themselves and in less than 20 decades, BET365 has become one of the leading gambling operators in the world. Their popularity both within and beyond UK borders has caught the eye of prominent football clubs such as Stoke City, Slavia Sofia and Ludogorets Razgrad. They have also become the main sponsors for the Stoke City Stadium, by replacing Britannia Building Society. Punters from the UK and international gamblers routinely use their service for betting on sports.

Over the years, the company has won many prestigious awards, with one of them being secured in 2010. On that year, BET365 claimed the “Operator of the Year”, which cemented their position as one of the most important bookmakers in the world. Not surprisingly, the company has one of the fastest growing profit rates in the UK and are routinely nominated for Internet gaming company awards. Denise Coates continues to play an important role for BET365 and with her at the helm, the company strives. She is also one of the best-paid CEOs in the betting industry and also one of the UK’s top taxpayers.